Bite Me
Along Came A Spider
Rated: M
WC: 12,119 *IP
Doctor Hannibal Lecter wants Alana Bloom. And he will do anything to have her. With Will unraveling, and Jack inching closer to his secret, he is running out of time, and patience.
Not What It Seems
Rated: T
WC: 4,544 *C
Spn/Criminal Minds
The team is in Souix Falls attempting to solve a case that has local Leos baffled. They quickly realize the three "private detectives" from Kansas are not what they seem, and that Sam, Dean and Cas are hiding something that could solve their case. *I'm currently working on a re-write of this that will be without typos, and might, maybe end in a sequel.
Into The Fire
Rated: M
WC: 2,352 * IP
Hunger Games
They thought they were safe. They thought it was over. They let themselves breathe again, only to be thrust back into the fire, back into the games. Happy Quarter Quell; And may the odds be ever in your favor.
Point of No Return
Rated: T*
WC: 1,918*IP
SPN/Hunger Games
"I volunteer as tribute." The son of a winner, Dean knows what volunteering means. And yet, when Sam's name is called he doesn't hesitate to volunteer, spinning himself into a evanescent world of blood and riches. Win or lose, he knows nothing will ever be the same.
After Tonight
Rated: M
WC: 2,875 *IP
Dana Scully's world is turned upside-down after an (admittedly wonderful) one night stand with Mulder. Will this destroy everything they've worked for? Or will it hurtle them into a truth not even they could possibly have been prepared for? *set during season three, though I'm writing this as I watch the show so events from later seasons might intermingle.
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